Faith, not fear

Exhilaration, by Mariqi Erasmus.

I believe everyone is born an artist but what happens to the freedom we are born with? If we were born to be successful why do we cling to fear?

I believe everyone is born an artist. Free, and with a vivid imagination to create anything. Sadly from round about preschool-age we get caught up in the “sausage machine” of life. Art teachers instruct us not to cross the lines. Even colouring must be neat and perfect. Trees are brown and green, houses have red roofs and the sun is yellow. What happens to the freedom you were born with?
In my career as a life coach and art teacher I see people with great talent but no consistent confidence. Is that only a lack of knowledge and technique or should we look at the core? The killer of all passion… fear?
The opposite of fear is faith. To have faith in your abilities you have to condition yourself from the outset. You were born to be a success. Consider this and recognise the reasons why you fear the obstacles that are created in your own mind. And then: decide. Until next time
– Mariqi Erasmus, International artist.

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